Monday, July 15, 2019

Time 543

Big picture

It took me real long to get the picture
I thought misery was a permanent fixture
Lady fortune sent me a book
It helped me realize what it took
To lead the charge and take the helm
And give up all my overwhelm
Life is short and there is much to do
So study, learn and always review
Enjoy the scenery it won't last
Very soon it will all have passed

Big picture
7//15/19 #543  29,109 

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Pain free 542

Hey old-timer
Move like you're alive
You'll be pain free for ever
Any time now

This is a very short-term situation
We are stumbling around in
Make the best of it
Be curious and
Learn wholesome life skills 
Think, eat real food, study, keep your word,
Exercise, get enough sleep,stay hydrated
And always show up five minutes early
As far as I can tell this is a one-shot deal
I will stop wasting my time
On unwholesome mind states

Hey old-timer
Move like you're alive
You'll be pain free for ever
Any time now
5/26/19 #542 day 29,059

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Relentless 541


Time is life and life is time
And all I do is sit and rhyme
I'll choose with care the things I do
My days are down to just a few
I worked real hard and planned ahead
Never believed that I would wind up dead
But now it's clear my time has passed
And nothing I can do will last
So today with joy I'll do what's next
I'll be kind, helpful and not get perplexed

5/19/19 #541 day 29,052

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Only now 540


Howling winds and blowing snow
Another day the same old show
One by one the day is march by
Some day soon I'm going to die
But today can be the best one yet
I'll live it fully without regret
Study,learn and write some bullshit
Do push-ups, sit-ups and try to stay fit
Break the chains and charge ahead
There's a lot to do before I'm dead

5-1-19  #539

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Consistently do 538

It's not what you know 
It's what you
Consistently do

Think and study everyday
Be grateful and laugh as you decay
Tell the truth and keep your word
Stay lean and fit don't get deterred
Only ones will we live today
Let compassion light the way
Teach what most you want to learn
Don't let fear be of concern
Chew,stand stright and get lots of sleep
Be always ready to take a leap

It's not what you know
It's what you
Consistently do
Tony Robbins
3-24-19 #538

Monday, March 11, 2019

Pace 539

Keep up the pace 
We all lose the race

I sit and ponder how quick life goes
And sand the dead skin from my toes
This day can be the best one yet
I'll be kind and grateful without regret
Stand straight,relax there's still much to learn
Study and think there's no time to burn
There still may be time to create my vision
If I give up all my indecision
This may be the day
I'll stay out of the way

Keep up the pace 
We all lose the race
3-11-19 #539

Monday, December 31, 2018

Savor 537

Savor this

Long ago I had big plans
Now all I do is sit on my hands
I studied and pondered for a whole lifespan
And now I still don't understand
How I got here or where I'm going
I'll peacefully except there's no way of knowing
Time passes things change
Sometimes it's quite strange
With gratitude & love I'll except what comes next
I'll keep my inbox empty and not get perplexed

Savor this
12/31/18 day28,913 #537