Friday, October 19, 2018

Do it 520

Write it down
Do it

If it's not on the list it doesn't exist
Write it down or it will be like a mist
Every morning I review yesterday's list
And write one today with whatever I missed
It's a very old habit that help me subsist
Form this habit and really persist
Or run in circles and always be pissed
Lord Habit rules us at every twist
So write it down it's an enormous assist

Write it down
Do it
Charlie Wiley
10/19/18 #520

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Learn 519

  1. Teach 
  2. What you want to
  3. Really learn

  4. A lot of what I have learned is gone
  5. But if I repeat it all day long
  6. There is a chance that I may remember
  7. Like blowing on a glowing ember
  8. And if I'm teaching about how to live
  9. Good health fitness and how to give
  10. Kindness, compassion and making friends
  11. Being truthful and happy until it all ends
  12. It will remind me every day to walk my talk
  13. And not just stand around and gawk

  14. Teach
  15. What you want to
  16. Really learn
  17. 10/18/18/ #519
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Detached 518

Just another

Big plans, high hopes the days go by fast
I have come to realize there's nothing last
I'll sit joyfully & watch the days come and go
Breathe deep, relax and get into the flow
To stay fit and healthy takes more than hope
Exercise, eat well and learn how to cope
The victories in life are when we stay calm
Even if someone sets off a bomb
The past and the future only live in our head
So live in the present there's nothing to dread

Just another
10/17/18 #518

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Compassionate 517

Be compassionate
To all beings

I am just one more of the walking dead
With many questions in my head
Now I know I'll never know
How I wound up in this crazy show
I was sure I knew how things come out
But now I'm not sure what will sprout
Ignorance is a lifelong condition
I won't let it get in the way of my mission
And that's to keep moving toward the light
Of kindness, gratitude and all that's right

Be compassionate
To all beings

Monday, October 15, 2018

Sad affair 516

A sad affair

Two days now the gray cats gone
I call and call and feel forlorn
Twice before she's not come home
We called & called but she chose to roam
I still have hope she's young and strong
That she will come home where she belongs

It's four months now since she has gone
 Every morning just at dawn
I open the door and call her name
So far the answer is always the same

And now another season has passed
I guess I've seen her for the last
She was pretty, graceful and always aloof
Pleasant, funny and sometimes a goof
One more pal has bit the dust
It's a sad affair but I will adjust

A sad affair
19/15/18 #516
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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Stupid 515

Too stupid
To be

Fear will keep you out of action
Stuck in some kind of pointless distraction
But stupid is great if it gets you in motion
Buy a dingy and sail across the ocean
If it doesn't kill you it will teach you a lot
Stay with it and soon you'll be driving a yacht
After a wile stupid becomes bold
If you're lucky it will happen before you get old
So get in motion take a big chance
Life is an adventure we can always enhance

Too stupid
To be
10/14/18 #515 
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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Life 514

A brief glimpse
Of the unknown 
Through the cloudy lens
Of ignorance

When I was young I was sure I knew
That I would do what I wanted to
Not one thought of the price required
I worked real hard and stayed inspired
On this still dark morning it's really clear
That hard work will only interfere
Great things grow from good decisions
Knowledge,teamwork & the right conditions
Be happy, kind and do your best
Very soon you'll be laid to rest

A brief glimpse
Of the unknown 
Through the cloudy lens
Of ignorance
10/13/18 #514
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