Monday, December 17, 2012

Optum Viatality

Optimum Vitality
on becoming a
fit clear-headed healthy rested lean flexible hydrated piece full
in the pursuit of some great possibility
input-output cause-effect action-reaction
in any activity requires
effort study application experimentation persistence effort
effort patience vision commitment effort

first part
eating = drinking = breathing = absorbing = hearing = thinking = seeing

tobacco smoke - sugar - soda - hydrogenated oil - body fat - rancid oil
dehydration - tension - over heated cooking oil - constipation
negative attitude - artificial sweeteners - chemically treated water
aluminum and Teflon cookware - not enough sleep - perfumes
plastic containers in a microwave - microwave ovens - wireless networks - household chemical's - deodorants
air pollution - body lotions - bug killers - excessive cell phone use
horror movies - fluoride release tooth fillings - mercury fillings
room deodorizers - candles - incense - hair spray - hair dyes
mouth wash - intense light - sun screen - tooth paste - burnt food
loud sounds - most restaurant food - lip stick - excess salt - paint fumes
water bottled in plastic - unwashed new clothes - dry cleaned clothes
most hand soaps and shampoo's - new furniture and rugs
sitting to long - detergent residue - hair conditioners
over the counter drugs - prescription drugs - unnecessary vitamins
when you grow and preserve your own food
you know
when you buy whats called "organic"food
you think you know
when you buy "normal" super market "food"
you know
that it comes with extras
herbicides - pesticides - insecticides - fungicides - antibiotics
genetic alterations - fertilizers - perseveres - growth harmonies
stabilizer's - flavor enhancers - and lots of other stuff

its a dangerous world
for the uninformed or the unconcerned
minor assaults ----repetition----- major dis-ease
always consider consequences
questions? ask google "health risk"


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