Thursday, January 3, 2013

A call to duty

Old man
Come back to the 
Council  fires
Your wisdom and experience
Are sourly needed
Stand and speak of your
Adventures and victory's
But more
Tell us of your defeats
Reveal how these events
Tempered and hardened your Spirit
How these lessons learned is suffering and despair
Lead on to even greater conquests
There's no retirement
You of maturity and wisdom are sourly needed 
you have forfeited
Your proper place in our community 
It was always the "elders"the old chiefs
That maintained order and sanity in the councils
Young braves are good for breeding and fighting
But they act out of passion with little concern for the outcome
You have abrogated your lawful responsibility's
You have draw yourself  up into some comfortable death camp
To play bridge and do handy crafts
There's real work to do out there
The braves are all tomahawking each other
And your hiding all your wisdom and experience
In front of some stupid T V program
 Your greatest work is still ahead
Stand up and put your shoulders back  
Remember your most powerful moments
Walk briskly to the closest mirror
And look at the man you can be
Never before have you had this much experience
The possibilities open to you are only limited by your
The great Spirit has showered you with abundance 
When much is given much is expected
Project your influence into your community 
Make a list of 10 things you can do
Your efforts will create more joy and satisfaction
Than the best paint by number set 
    Start today