Sunday, February 17, 2013

Take the high road

All day every day I use up my greatest asset
 With small minded thinking
Pleas for justice, cry's of indignation, inpatients,
Discomfort, pointless conversation,
Aimless daydreams 
But sometimes I remenber
How soon all the noise will stop
So wile I still have the chance
  I will direct my thoughts 
To Gratitude, loving kindness, patience 
And humor
All is well
I'll hang on till I fall off 


Judith Allen said...

I like this. It's a good reminder to all of us with the endless chatter that goes on in our heads, distracting us from what's important, what's authentic - the ego's self-defense strategy!

Judith Allen said...

This reminds me how much Tibetan lamas laugh so much, despite everything. Perhaps they are encouraging us to lighten up and laugh, be happy.
Not to mention that human life does have its absurd aspect!

Judith Allen said...

The above comment is supposed to be on the second poem. Don't know how it ended up here.