Friday, September 27, 2013

The first time I was dead

I was dead for billions of years 
Then all of a sudden 
Lights ,camera ,action
My quest for 
Air,satiation,warmth, and body contact
Had begun
This was my first introduction to the
Well meaning idiots
That would nurture my
Body, mind and spirit
In the ways they had been nurtured
Deep fried potatoes,crispy bacon,
Cake ,candy ice cream and
Long smoke and argument filled car rides 
And then before  I had any idea
What was going on
I was handed down a 12 yr sentence
To a taxpayer funded
Control and indoctrination center
I resisted any way I could think of
Phony disease ,staged accidents and lots
Of unauthorized  absenteeism 
And then at age 16 
 I got 2 years off for bad behavior  
Fast forward 58 years
I still get the creeps when I drive by
One of those places 

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