Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Collusion in torture

Collusion in torture 
As one who buys stolen goods is
In collusion with the thief
And therefore a part of the crime
So anyone that consumes the flash of
These commercially  raised a  tortured chickens
Enables and supports this horrible system
One of their first experiences when they 
Arrive on the pretty blue water planet
Is to get debeaked this is done to prevent 
Them from damaging the other products
They are fed inappropriate substances
Unsellable animal parts,antibiotics
Growth hormones and genetically modified grains
They never see the light of day
Their home for 50-60 days
Is crowded and dark 
Then they are packed in crates like potatoes
And shipped off to the processing factory
Where they are killed cut and pack
In clear plastic looking very sanitary
And consumed by the millions every week 
If you can look the other way at all of this
Consider how unhealthy it is to consume
These measurable helpless creatures
They secrete stress hormones every 
Second of the short painful lives
And remember the antibiotics and growth hormones
Support local agriculture and eat 
Free range organically fed chickens
They taste much better
And you will not be supporting commercial torture

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