Saturday, September 12, 2015


Of all the great possibilities of life

The most transformative and accessible project 

Is The education and evolution of self
To gain the knowledge and develop the skills
That make a self-created state of mind possible
Everything is raw material for this work
A traffic jam or a tropical sunrise
Feeding shorebirds or a swarm of mosquitoes
Wonder and gratitude
I am training myself not to squander any of these experiences
Now this soon something else 
Any second dead forever
What matter shall I choose to disturb myself about
Every instance is a new opportunity 
To create gratitude and experience wonder.                       
This is not just another cold winters morning
To dig the car out and go to work
This may be my last day on earth
The air is crisp and clear
Snow covers everything beautiful white blanket
And the car started on the first try
What a great day

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