Friday, September 18, 2015

The Field

The field
The full moon cast and erie glow
Through the light and floating snow

For 70 years I have walked this field
With cats,dogs and our two goats
With my grandfather and father kids and grandkid
With wives and lovers hunters and hunted
Pop let me drive his car here when I was 12
Grandpa taught me how to swing an ax here
As we clear the brush at the forests edge
In the snow or summers glow
To see the northern lights
Or the fireworks from Cooperstown
I once cut down the hedgerow at the West end
Now after 40 years it looks exactly the same
My wife and kids looked on blankly
They knew how stupid it was
But I toiled on blissfully I had a plan
So now some day soon I will see
The shadow of the grim reaper drifting across it
I remember reading about an Indian custom
Of chatting about your victories and defeats
As you face west and do your last dance
And I thought that the west end of this field
Would be the right place for me to step out of time
It just occurred to me that maybe
That's why I cut those trees so many years ago
So I could look 50 miles to the west
And if I time it just right
The sun will be dropping below the horizon
All is well

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