Thursday, September 29, 2016

No leaks

  The quest for
 optimum mental and physical health
And a fulfilling creative expression

One leek can fill the attic with mold
Rot the rafters and over time
Compromise the integrity of the
Whole structure
“leek like a sieve”
Is a apt description of my early days
I cant say what’s good for others
 But I know what worked for me
Looking back 50 years
It seems like I was following some kind of
Handbook for early destruction
When the miseries of poor health bad attitude
And being broke all the time
Got painful enough
I begin to think about
Did the Gods hate me
Or was it something I was doing
Does drinking 2 or 3 six packs every day
Have anything to do with being fat
And feeling tired all the time
Do cigarettes and med hailers
Really go together
Can I think of something better than a
½ bag of Oriels and a quart of milk
For a midnight snack
When my asthmas got so bad I had to
Sleeping sitting up
I began to consider that my choices
Had consequences
               That everything I did had a impact on           
How I looked how I felt
And what my future would be like
Of all the small unnoticed decisions
Far and away the most formative
Are the thoughts I allowed to wonder around
In my head
Passion , anticipation , enthusiasm and curiosity
All moved me in the direction
I wish to travel
But when I permitted anger ,  regret , impatience
Or any other deterrent though forms 
Unpleasantness entered and progress stopped
There is no
States quo
I am always evolving or devolving  
When ever I choose to exercise control
And create the kind of experience that
Supports gratitude ,  wonder . passion and learning
I reinforce that habit
And make it just a little more likely in the
The big brake thru awareness
Of my eight decade
 is that most of my
Is running on its own
No direction and very little perception
I am retraining my self to notice what’s happening
To intervene with a centering device like
“What others have done I can do”
“Every day in every way I get better &better”
And then take the helm and
My thoughts to the work at hand
Or some future possibility
Head leeks sap energy waist
And create health distress
Stress and tension disrupt our hormonal systems
And play a large roll in many common diseases
Robert DeRopp said in the
Master Game
“by skillful means one can be comfortable even in Hell”
it’s a life long project learning how
to shut down all the
Mind states
I strive to be a creative force
Not a reactive one
After decades of yoga meditation and study
I had a very strong compulsion
 To choke our noise cat
 Today when I opened a can of sardines
He went a little nuts and so did I
It only took a few seconds to see the
Humor and absurdity of such a unwholesome reaction
So he got the sardine can juice and a few pets
And I got another reminder of how much more
There is learn
Here’s a quick summary of the components
As I understand them
1 That the mind states I experience
Are my own creation
Based on
The meaning I give to events
2 There is no magic switch that enabled me to
“just forget about” or “just let it go”
Creating a “switch” is a long term project
Of  motivated study and practice
Its like running a 6 min mile
It becomes possible only when you do it
3 This ability to step back and flip the switch
Is also subject to my general health and
Fitness weather I am tired ,  hungry , sick , dehydrated
, Cold , hot or injured
4  Where and who I spend my time with
It’s a lot easer to be peaceful in a library
Than the cock pit of a fighter plane
Its inspiring to here someone’s plans for a bright future
And burdensome listening to someone
catalogue there troubles
5 Remembering , mind states can change
In less than a second and sometimes minutes can
Pass before I remember
Gratitude humor
“thank you God”
“every day in every way I get better and better”
It may seem stupid to say the same thing
Over and over but it’s a life raft for me
Also when I notice useless day dreams
 Small minded regrets
Or any other pointless mind chatter
I direct my attention to all the
Things I have to be grateful for
And how funny and observed
We humans can be
Life is good
All is well
A steady mind state is an elusive target
Its art , motivation and practice as much as
Study and knowledge

My worst enemy
Or my greatest ally
I read some where that we create our habits
And our habits create our destiny 
Coffee ,  a piece of fruit ,a journal entry
Meditation and a brisk walk with the dog
Coffee , then more coffee , a boll of sweet
Non lethal ingestible and the Today show
The building blocks of our lives
Habit and routine
All day every day
The possibilities are building  
Or leaking away
Its not what you do as much as how
Often you do it
Anyone can smoke 10 cigarettes
100 cigarettes
With no long term health effects
But smoke 20 per day for 10 years
And the stage is set for a variety of unwholesome
Health leeks
Do no harm
that’s as in
The following “information” is biased on my own
Study’s and observations
1 Stop smoking
2 Stop all hydrogenated oils
3 Stop sugar and artificial sweeteners
4 Stop being dehydrated drink chemical free water
5 Stop eating all commercially razed poultry and meats
6 Stop eating all non organic fruits and  vegetables   
7 Stop not getting enough exercise
8 Stop not getting enough sleep

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