Monday, October 10, 2016

87th Birthday 8

November 3, 2026
My 87th birthday
How do I feel what am I doing
Where.             With who
In 1965  I read Think and Grow Rich 
Napoleon Hill taught me
How effective goal setting can be
Quantify what you want
Decide when you will have it
And what you'll do to get it
Then write it down
Read this statement many times every day
I must have written 15 statements
Over the last 50 years
Back to 2026 no more goals
My intention is to continue to
Study, exercise, meditate and eat sensibly
And to write about this incredible opportunity
Of life on earth and what we can make of it
Also to help others anyway I can
Or maybe dead forever today
Oct 10 16.                                   day 28,015

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