Friday, October 28, 2016

Head rot 28

Head rot
Making the most of it
Napoleon hill taught me in the 1960s
Every adversity has with in it
The seeds of an equal or greater advantage
When ever I caught myself
Whining about some bad luck
Or stupid mistake
I would step back
And look for the positive possibilities
So what's good about head rot
1. I'm still alive 
2. It has motivated me to create new habits 
3. Write it down the second I think of it 
4. Really pay attention when I lay something down 
5. To “always” put things back in their place 
6. To diligently research it's causes and remediation's
These books have been very helpful in that regard
Change your brain change your life by Dan Amen
Brain power  Improve your mind as you age
By Michael Gelb & Kelly Howell
Also exercise , healthy food, enough sleep
And staying hydrated never hurt
Oct 28 16                    day 28,031        

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