Sunday, October 30, 2016

Money 30

A medium of exchange
A store of value
For thousands of years gold and silver
Were the primary vehicle of
Barter and exchange
When the Roman empire collapsed
There silver coins were less than 5% silver
But it wasn't till the creation of paper “money”
(Receipts for gold or silver on deposit in bank vaults)
That hyper inflation became possible
Thank Weimer Germany or Zimbabwe
The government officials thought that they could
Print as many receipts as they wanted to
Without any repercussions
The 1913 United states dollar
Has about five cents worth of buying power today
Since 2008  the federal reserve has created
Over $1 trillion out of thin air
How do you think that will come out
Buy gold and silver coins and bullion 
Life on planet earth is really great
All is well
Oct 30 16               day 28,032

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