Friday, November 11, 2016

More journaling 42

More journaling
I have been pretty consistently keeping a 
Daily journal for over 35 years
Early on I established a loose format
Most of the time I would
Read the previous days entries
Then report on how well
I lived up to my stated intentions
Quite often I would write about
What was happening and what 
I was studying at the time 
Maybe the most valuable part was
My intentions for the upcoming day
Breathe, listen to people, chew
Don't sit, see the humor in it
Stay relaxed and aware 
Once in a while something specific
Finish this, starred that, call so-and-so
Then end it with gratitude
And the things I was thankful for
Some things I  have learned since I
Started rereading old journals
1. Always start with local time place and date 
2. Leave spaces paper is cheap and it's fun 
And insightful to leave and read  
comments sometimes made decades later 
3. spend a good portion of the time on
intentions and what needs to be done to get there 
Nov 11 16                  day 28,133

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