Monday, December 5, 2016

Journaling 66 5

Journaling  66

I started journaling just about 
every morning in 1978
As the years passed it took on
A fairly consistent format
1 I learned to write a complete date & place
04:30 tues Oct 6 1981 Bangkok
Upon rereading I spent a lot of time
Figuring out where and what year
2 My intention for the day ahead
3 Evaluating how it went the day before
4 What I saw and did when traveling
5 What books I was reading at the time
And what I learned from them
6 Leave blank space on each page
For comments in the future when rereading
I find this particularly interesting
A series of commons with a 
Decade in between is very insightful 
7 Relationships  with friends and family
8 Write legibly you'll appreciate 
This as time passes
Start with just a few minutes per day
But be consistent
And after a few years start to
Read from the first one
You'll thank me when you get old
Dec 5 16                     day 28,155

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