Thursday, April 30, 2009

default setting

i like our cat
meany nights i have roamed around in the dark
calling him to come home
when hes hungry or im preparing fish
he becomes very vocal and pushy
and a ugly part of me
wants to stomp him
i mean really stomp him
after 40 yrs of study and thinking about
how to live peacefully with other creatures
5 seconds of cat noise can provoke
such a powerful unwholesome reaction
40 yrs pasted but how much
real effort
have i expended on eliminating this
angry reactive state of being
good health,enough food, warm bed
blessings beyond measure
cat noise
angry violent experience how out line
next time il breath deeply
relax and reflect on all the
reasons we like having him live here

1 comment:

cmarsh said...

I love this piece Dean.