Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ants on a dead bird

has been preparation
study- experience - effort - practice
to what end
the end
its not the end but each instant
well lived
in gratitude - attention and a
piece full acceptance of how
this little outburst of perception that
speaks in the first person is
in all activity's
joy - attention - gratitude
this will be my best performance
i have never cleaned the kitchen this well
this peacefully - with this much attention
no regrets for time lost
no thoughts of other matters
rhythmic breathing - soft body
no more effort than needed
no activity above me
no activity below me
great full attention
that's all
always aware that all roads end in the same place
ants on a dead bird
ant hill on a plow blade
50 years - larger trees
dead friends and family
all is well

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