Monday, April 6, 2009

Skillful Means

In a whole life time most people make less than a dozen
major decisions
get married,become a doctor etc.
Every day we make meany small choices that
over time
determine almost everything about us.
What we know,how we manage our reactions to events,
our ability to create and follow thou on plans,
how aware we are of our thoughts and how
they shape our lives
how we look,how we feel
how well we carry our years
Theirs a term used around the poker table
Tighten up your game
keep eliminating your mistakes
study ,
think , practice
never ending improvement
and after a long time
And so to in the great game of life
Robert DeRopp said
By skillful means one can be comfortable even in Hell
at first impression that sounds like a stretch
but consider how few people become
concert violinist or professional baseball players
years and years of dedicated
study,thinking and practice
Whats imposable for most of us looks
easy for the skillful few
hundreds of times every day we have the
opportunity to make a better choice
will this line of thinking lead to the most
for filling experience of life
breathing , eating , drinking
exercising , studying , being entertained
who we associate with
the attention we give to what we do
honing our skills
reinforcing our weakness
Every day we are sculpting our future selves
Anybody can eat one donut
or a hundred
but eat two a day for twenty years
and you will grow your waist rot your organs
and dull your brain
things accumulate
where i am today is way less important
than where my choices are taking me
As I see it we only live once
one chance to tighten up our game
to quote Any Rand
Live to the limit of your knowledge
expanded your knowledge to the limit of your life
never give up the hope for a better future


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