Friday, December 13, 2013

Everything counts

Everything counts no act
Goes without it's
Penalties and rewards

I float peacefully or struggle desperately in a river of
Accumulated consequences
Every thought      Every act       Every emotional experience
Put's forces in motion
That determine   How I feel   How I look   What I can do 
What I do    Where I do it    How I feel about what I do
And diminishes or empowers my habitual way of being
Every part of my life today is determined by past
Thoughts   Decisions   Omissions   And habits
The more focused I am on this insight
The more likely I am to remember
That everything counts
Random daydreams and angry thoughts
 Do not just color the present
They cast a long shadow into the future

Everything counts no act
Goes without it's
Penalties and rewards


Anonymous said...

Well said Dean.

Windhorse said...

Beautifully written, Dean. A poetic description of karma, cause and effect and how you feel about it. Similar to how I feel too. For me, consistent meditation has helped to stabilize the feelings and reactions that I have when karma is ripening. And there are practices that specifically help to prevent some of those negative, or unpleasant, karma's from ripening.
Thanks for sharing this, I didnt know that you are such a meaningful writer!

Anonymous said...

Good thing there is room for present input and the casual net IS NOT entirely a deterministic, mechanical, closed, linear process.
Great thing the present moment is not solely a product of past action, but is composed of both our input from the past, and our input of the present.
If this wasn't so, we would be trapped in a closed cycle of accumulated results from our past wrong deeds and there would be no room for present intelligent resolves.
The casual process, karma, is not a linear process.

Yes Dean, everything counts.

Happy Holidays.

- Your friend in Boulder.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that your continual generosity to our community must burn off unpleasant karma!

Local Anon