Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mastering head rot

Head rot
Getting old is really great I hope too keep it up for long time

I am not going to die young
I gave up concern about my appearance when I started to see my grandfather in the mirror
I see things with more perspective a detachment
I don't get as worked up about things as I used to
I'll never have to buy any more clothes (unless I get fat)
I get government checks and insurance
I can enjoy the same movie over and over
I get senior discounts

Dysfunctional short-term memory
Loss of strength and agility

Simple ways to master head rot

Don't lay it down
Hold it or put it in your pocket
Cell phone, car keys,shopping list,tool etc
Don't lay it down

Put it back
A place for everything and everything in its place
This old adage applies to any age
But it's a lifeboat when your head is getting dead
Put it back

Take a picture
When I put something down in a unusual place
I hold up an imaginary camera and say click
It sounds stupid but it really works
Take a picture

Write it down 
When ever a lost detail or important insight comes to mind
Write it down at once
No matter how inconvenient or inappropriate
I use the reminder app on my iPhone
If not ALWAYS carry a pen and paper
Write it down

Always have a to do list
I refer to the reminder app meany times every day
Or have a written list just don't lose it
Always have a to do list

Get enough sleep,don't complain,drink plenty of water
Smile,eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables
Study,exercise,act fearlessly,be grateful,listen 
Enjoy family,friends and alcoholic beverages
Pay attention 

And let your last thoughts be
Gratitude and thankfulness
For having had his great experience of life 


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