Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12-30-89 Taipei to Detroit N W Air

I slept better on this flight that I did on the whole trip
Some moron around here keeps putting
On cheap perfume every 15 minutes 
It gives me a headache
And the guy sitting behind me sneezes a lot
The odd things that we humans do makes me appreciate
The small measure of wisdom that is mine
I'm  just feeling groggy tired and silly
There are as many cats now as there were 25 years ago
Except that they are all new cats
The old cats for filled their destiny of creating cats
And left it up to these cats to leave cats
Now there is something to really ponder
As I keep a greedy eye the stewardess
While she serves up the nonlethal  ingestibles 
That they called breakfast
Why am I here what am I doing
The same reason that you're anywhere
Just another phase in your training
Training for what eating bad food
And sitting around in airplanes
Oh I remember
To always experience a creative
 Harmonious state of mind
And after a while help others to do the same
Go back to sleep forget the food

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