Tuesday, December 16, 2014


1 Cool in a crisis
2 Pay attention when people speak to you And pause before replying
(In other words stop interrupting people)
3 Don't be involved in any form of gossip
4 Don't speak poorly about anyone even politicians and criminals
5 Move gracefully and always stay calm 
6 Greet everyone with a smile
7 always look people in the eyes
8 Stand up Straight
9 Don't ask the price of things unless you're talking about real money
10 Don't overpay some jerk that tries to take advantage of it
11 Always carry plenty of cash
13 Listen a lot and speak very little
14 Stay lean healthy and fit
15 Always be at least 10 minutes early for any appointment
16 When your word is given let it be that only death will deter you from its fulfillment
17 Always seek out opportunities to help people
18 Be present, happy and grateful always


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