Friday, December 26, 2014

I who

Schenevus NY
I will peacefully watch the busyness
That goes on each day
“I” was going to say that “I” was a part of
But who is “I”
The energy that came to me from the primordial soup?
The unproductive habits of fear-anger and uncontrolled eating?
Who is this “I” that “I” throw around so loosely
Is it the “I” “I” use when  thinking says I'm making progress
Is it just a coincidence that I and eye sound the same
Can it be that this “I” is only a concept to see thru
Just the metaphor for the great self to use for a while
To get some bearing on this out rages situation
This mysterious unfolding of consequences
A river drawing down the watershed of human action
The more I think I know the less I know I know
In other words who  knows

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