Thursday, December 25, 2014


Schenevus New York
Every day has its possibilities 
Today my purpose is crystal clear
Stay mindful
Stay centered and peaceful
This is my quest the only issue
In every instance to experience
A peaceful-grateful-humorous state of mind
If I can get something else done
That will be a welcome plus
Remember the only purpose of all this activity
Is by training 
Just a series of passing mirrors
That show me different aspects 
Of my disease and wellness 
Know that you're always looking 
At yourself in the world process
Each instance each reaction
In my resplendent sickness and recuperation
The road to wholeness is a crooked arduous journey
And as long as I keep moving progress is possible
No matter how many times I trip in the same hole
As long as I keep getting up the trip will continue
And someday soon if I really 
Stay motivated and keep trying 
Mother time will ring my neck and put an end
To all this noise and confusion that roars in my ears
More tomorrow maybe


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