Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One more flight

June 2, 1991
 Admirals club at Los Angeles airport
One more time I'll cross the United States on the
Silver wings American Airways
What an incredible time for my visit to planet earth
New York – London, London – Bombay, Bombay-Auckland,
  Auckland-Honolulu, Honolulu – New York
I love airports and country back roads
City centers and snowy mountain peaks       
The wonder and excitement of my times
Just breathing in and breathing out
Each instant there is the possibility of coming to awareness
To savor and explore every minute of my passing
Welcoming each experience as just another part of my training
Weights in the gymnasium of my evolution
Time to board my 20th-century time compressor
On board
A simple process done with more awareness
Than my usual mindless movements
Just waiting in line just stowing my baggage
Only here, only now, just this, that's all
Just one more seen in the great pageant of the third planet\
All is well 
A voice says prepare for takeoff
Noise,acceleration,vibration the thrill of it never gets old
All is well
That's it that's all
All is well
The rest of it is just mind wash
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