Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Journaling. 40

Why spend the time
I- Entertainment   
Every morning my wife and I
Marvel and laugh at the
Ignorance, wisdom and absurdity
Of my musing and whining
In 1978 I started journaling almost every day
2-Clarity of thought
To formulate a sentence requires organizing
My thoughts (at least somewhat)
Enough to express them in words
I would always read the
Previous days entries before 
I started to evaluate my performance
Then I would set down my 
Intentions for the day ahead
I find it amusing now how
The same theme runs through the decades
Relax, get organized, lose weight, pay attention
Don't talk so much and on the same page there
Would be gratitude and amazement for this gift of life
If you don't Journal start today
It's a valuable tool in the evolution of self
And if you are lucky enough to get old
Reading them is amusing and sometimes insightful
Nov 9 16                 day 28,131

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