Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election. 39

Whoever wins today
Whether it's Mr. crazy or Mrs. evil
There will still be over 300,000
Federal laws on the books and
Not even a small change in
USDA,DOJ,VA,DOT or any other of
The 420 federal agencies, subagencies,
Departments, administrations, boards
Divisions, services or office
4.4 million federal employees
Each year they churn out 1,000s of 
New laws,regulations and directives
The average federal employee 
Earns $119,000 per year
78% more then people in private industry
This is the unchangeable
Deep State
15 agencies oversee food safety
80 programs for helping
 The poor with transportation
47 job-training programs
From nine different agencies
There was a $435 billion deficit last year
Over $18 trillion in national debt
Congratulations Mr. or Mrs. President
Nov 8 16                 day 28,130

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