Thursday, December 22, 2016

Journaling 5 83

1 clarifying thoughts and feelings
the act of formulating sentences
really helps putting our thoughts in order
2 it keeps the discussion going about
things we are trying to learn and master
3 perspective,creating a record of our thoughts 
and how they change over time
4 entertainment, I read from old journals 
every morning and always find something to
wonder or laugh about
5 I think the most beneficial 
part is monitoring our self talk
the things that we continually say 
to ourselves play a tremendous role in
in the way we experience our lives

Start with date time and place
04:30 tues jan 12. NYC
I find the details very interesting 
when I'm rereading it 
2 leave a little space between each day
for future commentary 
3 set down some clear purpose 
for the day ahead
4 comment on yesterday's performance
5 comment on places and 
things learned while traveling 
6 write so you can easily read it
This is a very rewarding habit
Try it for a few years

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