Monday, October 17, 2016

Magical thinking 15

Magical thinking
I think I will put gasoline
In my diesel engine today
It's cheaper and more convenient
No one would do that more than once
But Americans spend billions of dollars
Every day on ingestible substances
That are almost is crazy as
Gasoline in a Diesel engine
The "food" Industry has created
Tremendous momentum through
Advertising, pricing, taste,
Availability and convenience
70% (211 million) of Americans eat in a 
Fast food restaurant twice a week
7% (21 million) eat there every day
Over half of our population is overweight 
And one third suffers from obesity
Tens of millions have diabetes
We spend $3 trillion per year on
“Health Care”
 Including over $300 billion on drugs 
We are living in a TV enhanced
Dream world
Oct 17 16.                 day 28,020

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