Monday, November 7, 2016

Can. 38

I do what I can
And then
Unless lady fortune intervenes
I get what I deserve
Fortune has her own agenda
“ do what I can”
Has three very malleable components
Study    study     study
There is always more to learn
And now almost unlimited knowledge resources
Practice     practice     practice
Writing, public speaking, typing, 
Playing chess,learning a musical instrument
Hunger     hunger     hunger
For food shelter, warmth, love
To be known, to be free, to be “rich”
It's impossible to know what motivates people
To do the crazy or marvelous thing they something  do  
A few times in my life I have created a
Strong “I will” 
I acquire the knowledge that I needed 
Developed the skills
And achieve my purpose
So what?
Nov7 16                   day28,129

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